Im Rahmen ihres Schwerpunkts »Kriegs-, Krisen- und Konfliktfotografie« sprach Cale Carrido für Freelens mit mir darüber, wie Auslandsaufenthalte mein fotografisches Werk geprägt haben und wie viel intensive Auseinandersetzung mit Politik und Gesellschaft dem Entstehen meiner Bilder vorangeht. (in German)
Zum Interview


Interview  mit Margit Miosga über meine Arbeit
  rbb Kultur Radio (in German)
Zum Interview

September 2019

I have been working in Kenya for the last 20 years on the long-term photographic GEO project, Basic Needs: "Menschenkinder" - how a child lives in Africa and, in the meantime, young adults in Kenya (1998-2019). Several photographers worked on three continents, Germany, Vietnam and Kenya, to tell the story of humankind's children.
Last published in GEO magazine, 'Perspective' (10/19)

Click on image and take a look:

Long-term photographic GEO project of Kenya

JULY 2019

A coproduction with the flutist Helene Schulthess.
"Sicilienne" from Marcel Poot with Svetlana Emeljanova (piano)
Photographs from the series: NATURE_up side down

MAY 2019

Baum, Baeume, Baumkrone, Natur, Landschaft, Oekologie, Nachhaltigkeit, nachhaltig, Wald, wood, trees, tree, nature, Nature_up side down, Natur, NATURE up side down, Bäume, Wald, Ausstellung, Fotografien, Photoausstellung, Hamburh, Werderpark
Aus der Serie NATURE_up side down

Opening of the exhibition
NATURE_up side down", Werderpark, Brandenburg, Deutschland
11.5. – 30.5. 2019

MARCH 2019

Kenya on assignment


Seit 2017 arbeite ich fortlaufend an meinem freien Projekt zur Natur in Deutschland. Nach mehr als 20 Jahren der Dokumentarfotografie für politische und soziale Themen hat sich mein Verhältnis zur Natur intensiviert. Im Fokus stehen für mich vor allem die Bäume, für die ich im Laufe der Zeit großen Respekt entwickelt habe: Ihre komplexen Strukturen, ihre Wandlungsfähigkeit und ihre Schönheit. Dabei berücksichtige ich die neuen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse. Das Projekt umfasst alle Jahreszeiten.

Since 2017 I'm working ongoing on an independent project about nature in Germany. After more than 20 years of documentary photography on political and social topics, my relationship to nature has intensified. My focus is on trees, for which I have developed great respect over the years: their complex structures, their ability to change and their beauty. Above all, however, the need for protection - nature does not need us, but we need nature. In doing so, I take into account the new scientific findings. The project covers all seasons.

April 2018

Baum, Baeume, Baumkrone, Natur, Landschaft, Oekologie, Nachhaltigkeit, nachhaltig, Wald, wood, trees, tree, nature, Nature_up side down, Natur, NATURE up side down, Bäume, Wald, Ausstellung, Fotografien, Photoausstellung
Aus der Serie NATURE_up side down

Erste Fragen und Antworten von S. Alphonso im Kulturfeuilleton "Tiefgang"

Fotoausstellung NATURE_up side down
26.4.2018 – 10.6.2018

JULY 2017

Photo exhibition and Book ISTANBULUM

Really honoured to be featured in LIFE FORCE Magazine with my book and essay "ISTANBULUM" this month. Especially in the company of so many amazing photographers

​From now on it is possible to buy signed books on my site and from autumn 2017 we will offer exclusive artist prints in a small edition.

JUNE 2017

It's all about time and water: Just came back from a journey from Swaziland. Again, I was very aware of how it is to live without running water and electricity, since my first trip to KENYA in 1998 for the magazine GEO. It was a journey in a different time. Work in progress.

APRIL 2017

Photo exhibition and Book ISTANBULUM

Dismantling of the permanent photo exhibition "Istanbulum"
(2012-2017), in various private residencies - Istanbul, Turkey

September 2016

Group exhibition "Angekommen. Das lange Warten."
Vertretung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz in Berlin
In den Ministergärten

April / May 2016

Atelier + Kantine in Dömitz: "Weggehen. Ankommen.
Flucht + Aufbruch in Europa"
Photos from my series: "Angekommen. Das lange Warten."
(Berlin, LAGESO)

April 2016

To protect the elephants in Kenya:
"The vision of the warrior".

Alverde magazine // a tempo / in every dm drugstore in Germany

February / March 2016

FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg: "Bitte warten..."
Photos from my series: "Angekommen. Das lange Warten." (Berlin, LAGESO)
Group exhibition about refugees


A tempo magazine "Großväterchen Pope", Pater Ivans Arche,
Project in Bulgaria,
together with Claus-Peter Lieckfeld (author).

"Kunst am Ammersee" with the photographer
Date: 11th of december,
Event: film, lecture and photographs

A tempo magazine...
"Kunst am Ammersee"

November 2015

Kenya on assignment

April/June 2015

Exhibition at Gallery LISTROS, Berlin, Germany, Day by Day – in Kambaland

"Day by Day – in Kambaland"
Dates: April 30th to June 11th
Vernissage: April 30th, 8 pm

January 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa

October 2014

Fotoistanbul Festival in Istanbul and work in Bulgaria

September 2014

Andrea moved to Berlin, Germany

July/August 2014

Work in Istanbul. And German magazine PHOTONEWS published a comprehensive report about my work. View PDF version here.

May 2014

Teaching at a Photo Workshop in Istanbul, together with my colleague Claudia Wiens

April 2014

Swaziland on assignment

March 2014

GEO magazine 4/2014 published "Menschenkinder". See Kenya work in the portfolio section

December 2013

Work at the Robert Bosch Foundation, Germany, jury member of the "border crossing" program

November 2013

Kindernothilfe Media Award 2nd place together with A. Gardiner for the work "The Brave Children of Kampala", in the categories of "Children's Jury" and "Childrens Rights in One World"

October 2013

Kenya on assignment


Nature_up side down

The vision of the warrior

Angekommen. Das lange Warten


A day at school for Francis Mutia

A Family Story


A new home – An Orphanage

The Brave children of Kampala

People and their stories in turkey

Eastwards - Turkey

In transition

Roses for europe


selected work

GEO Theme Special

GEO Menschenkinder

11 Freunde




Andrea's work has been published in numerous magazines and papers, including; Amnesty International, BMZ, 11 Freunde, Chrismon, Le Monde, Brigitte, Brigitte Woman, ZEIT Magazine, Annabelle, Marie-Claire, Elsevier, Die ZEIT, Focus, LFI, FAZ, Time Out, PHOTO World, Der Spiegel, GEO, GEOlino, Greenpeace magazine, MISSIO, National Geographic Traveller, taz, terres des femmes, TIME Magazine, Tomorrow Focus



"NATURE_up side down",
Werderpark, Brandenburg, Deutschland


"NATURE_up side down",
Art Moorburg, Hamburg, Germany


"Angekommen. Das lange Warten."
Vertretung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz in Berlin,
In den Ministergärten, Berlin, Germany
Group exhibitions at FREELENS Gallery, Hamburg, Germnany
Atelier + Kantine, Dömitz, Germany


"Angekommen. Das lange Warten."
Group exhibitions at FREELENS Gallery,
Hamburg, Germany
+ Atelier + Kantine,
Dömitz, Germany


"Day by Day - in Kambaland"
Gallery LISTROS,
Berlin, Germany

2013 & 2012

"Turkish/German People and their stories in turkey"
in Turkey with the Cultural department of the German Embassy.
Travelling exhibition through Turkey
(Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, ...)


Art gallery together with the Goethe Institute
Istanbul, Turkey


African Football: "Focus on background"
Kunstleben, Hamburg, Germany


"Borderland/Promised Land"
Art Landing, Aschaffenburg & Römer 9, Frankfurt, Germany

"The Germans and their National Symbols"
Haus der Geschichte, Bonn, Germany


"Exhibition against FGM"
Terre des Femmes
Germany, Switzerland


"Promised Land"
Art Landing, Aschaffenburg, Germany

"Il corpo imprigionato, African Images"
Cross-Cultural Center, Torino, Italy


"Visions : Palestine"
Gallery, Kingdom of Bahrain

"Asian Communities in Berlin"
lueckeundpartner, Berlin, Germany


"Millennium Development Goals 2015"
BICC, Bonn, Germany


"Promised Land"
Robert Morat Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

"Visions : Palestine"
Hamburg University, Germany


"Visions : Palestine"
Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Andrea Künzig is a photographer based in Berlin. She has lived and worked in various countries in Africa and Asia. One of her latest projects has been documenting People of Turkey, while living for 4 years in Istanbul (2010-14). Since 2017 she 's working ongoing on an independent project about nature in Germany.

Andrea received her degree in Political Science at the Free University Berlin. In 1994 she went to Jerusalem to document the Israeli-Palestinian people between Peace efforts and conflicts.

This was followed by long stays in Israel, the Arab world and in Kenya (1994 to 1998). Much later, she attended a professional class in Photography by Prof. Arno Fischer in Berlin from 2001 to 2004.

Andrea undertakes documentary photography projects worldwide, focusing on political, social and humanitarian themes. Her clients are distinguished magazines and newspapers, including GEO, Time Magazine, The National Geographic Traveller, Deutsche Welle and Die ZEIT as well as NGOs, such as the German Foundation for World Population, SOS Children's Village, Terre des Femmes and UNDP.

She has received several awards and grants for her photographic work, most recently a media prize from "Kindernothilfe" on the theme: "The brave children of Kampala" (2013). She has received two "VG Bild Art" scholarships from Germany, and from 2012 to 2014 she worked at the Robert Bosch Foundation as a Jury member on the "border crossing" program.

Andrea has published two books: " Visions: Palestine", 2004 and "Istanbulum", 2010.

Andrea Künzig

Awards & Grants


Kindernothilfe Media Award
2nd place, together with the writer A. Gardiner
"The brave children of Kampala"
"Children rights in One World"


European Journalist Award for Excellence in Journalism
for a photo essay about Ethiopian women suffering from fistulas
World Population Foundation, Amsterdam

Prize for an African Football essay
in Dokfünf photo competition


Photojournalism Prize
for a story about "World Population" for DSW


Grant from the cultural foundation of VG Bild-Kunst
for the Turkey Project


Grant from the cultural foundation of VG Bild-Kunst
for the Israel/Palestine Project

Prize from the AUP for Photography
for "Visions : Palestine"


Nominated by UNICEF as international children's photographer of the year


Andrea Künzig Photography

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